27 Inspiring Letterpress Style Posters

Are you planning on designing a poster with a retro or a vintage vibe? Not sure where to start? Then browse our hand-picked collection of letterpress posters and letterpress templates to find inspiration.

Letterpress is one of the oldest printing techniques that date back to the early 1440s. Back in the day, this technique was used to easily print many copies of a poster, flyer, and other designs with photo and letter-etched plates.

Even though it’s no longer widely used by printers and publishers, the technique and the unique design style is still celebrated by artists and designers. It’s especially popular among poster designers. In this collection, we’re featuring elegant and modern letterpress poster designs.

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Indie Fest Letterpress Poster

This beautiful letterpress-style poster is designed for promoting indie music events, festivals, and live music events. The poster comes to you as a fully-customizable PSD file with organized layers and it’s available in A4 size.

Wine Tasting Flyer Poster

Organizing a wine tasting event or a festival? Then grab this template to craft a unique poster with a retro look. This poster template has been designed with a vintage theme while also giving it a letterpress style.

Thanksgiving Flyer Poster

Hotels and restaurants often host Thanksgiving dinners. Why not promote and spread the word about the event using an appropriate poster. This poster template also doubles as a flyer, you can easily customize and resize it to your preference.

Indie Rock Fest Flyer Poster

This poster template features all the right elements of a letterpress poster. It has a classic border, fonts, icons, and everything else you’d want to see in a vintage-themed poster. The template is fully customizable.

Reggae Sounds Flyer Poster

This is a poster template suitable for not just reggae music events, it will fit in nicely with almost any type of music or special festival promotions. You can use this template to design either a poster or a flyer.

Retro Music Poster Flyer

Another stylish modern-vintage poster template featuring a classic design. This poster is perfect for promoting your music events, parties, and festivals. The template is easily editable and comes in a fully-layered A4-size PSD file.

Outdoor Event Poster

Spread the word about your special outdoor events and festivals using this poster template. It comes with 2 PSD files, for designing both flyers and posters. It also allows you to choose from 5 different color schemes and customize using free fonts.

Oktoberfest Festival Poster

This poster comes with a minimalist letterpress design. It’s available in the A2 size and in 5 color schemes. Even though it’s meant for promoting Oktoberfest festivals, you can easily customize it to promote many other types of events.

Indie Fest Poster V03

Use this stylish poster design for crafting designs for indie music events and parties. It comes as a print-ready PSD file in A4 size. You can also use this to design a cover for a music album as well.

Music Jazz Flyer Poster

Another minimalist poster design featuring a letterpress-style design. This template is also easily customizable. It’s available in the A4 size and can be used to promote music events and concerts.

Writing Letters Poster Flyer

It’s a beautiful retro-vintage poster that pays homage to old letterpress designs. This poster template comes as a PSD file for easily editing colors, text, and objects. The backgrounds are also included with the template.

Memorial Day Sale Flyer Poster

This poster template resembles a modern letterpress design. It’s suitable for designing posters or flyers for special sales promotions, holidays, and other events. You can easily customize it to change colors and backgrounds as well.

Forest Sounds Flyer Poster

Forest sounds is a typography poster with a letterpress-style design. It features an all-text design for promoting and highlighting special events. The poster comes with 3 different backgrounds and a fully-layered PSD file.

Motel Sign Flyer Poster

Designed in the style of an old motel sign, this poster is great for creating posters for parties and festivals. The template comes in an A4-sized PSD file. You can customize it using the organized layers.

Multipurpose Poster Template #1

This poster template can be used to design all types of flyers and posters for everything from festivals, events, special sales, promotions, and more. It’s available in the A2 size and you can choose from 6 different color schemes to craft the perfect poster for your events.

Vintage Typography Poster V04

Another vintage poster template with a typography-based design. This template also features many design elements of a letterpress poster design. You can use this poster to promote music events, parties, festivals and more.

Reckless Party Night Flyer Poster

A poster template with a true letterpress design. This template comes with a classical design made especially for promoting music events and shows. It includes a fully-layered PSD file with customizable backgrounds.

Chill Out Night Flyer Poster

With a clean and a minimal layout, this poster template is perfect for promoting your specials events and parties. It comes in 2 PSD files for flyer and poster sizes and in A4 size. It also includes 8 different background textures as well.

Restaurant Poster Template

This poster template is perfect for promoting special hotel and restaurant events. It features a clean and simple design with a letterpress layout and it’s available in 5 color variations. The poster was also designed using free fonts.

Barber Shop Flyer Poster

Craft a poster or a flyer to promote a barber shop or a salon using this letterpress poster template. It comes in A4 PSD file featuring fully-customizable features and organized layers.

Jazz Week Poster Template

A highly customizable letterpress poster template. This poster is available in 5 different color schemes and in A2 size. You can easily customize the template to design posters for music, events, parties, and more.

Indie Rock Night Flyer Poster

If you’re planning on designing a minimalist poster, this template will definitely come in handy. It comes as a fully-layered PSD file with smart objects for easily customizing the template to make it your own.

Music Retro Fest Flyer Poster

This poster template comes with an old-school letterpress design, which makes it ideal for making posters and flyers for promoting your classical and jazz music events.

Wine Tasting Lounge Flyer Poster

Another poster template featuring a vintage letterpress style design. This template can be used to design both flyers and posters. It comes to you as an A4 PSD file.

Rockfest Flyer Poster

Promote your rock music events using this letterpress poster. The template is available in both Illustrator and Photoshop file formats. You can customize it however you like. You can also choose from 3 different color schemes.

Jazz – Vintage Newspaper Poster

This vintage poster template features a design that makes it look like a page out of an old newspaper. This template is perfect for designing posters for many different types of events and festivals.

Indie Music Flyer Poster

This poster template comes with a truly unique letterpress design. It’s available in a well-organized PSD file for easier editing. The backgrounds are also included with the template.

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